COVID-19 Vaccines

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Issues to consider when defrosting the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

25 January 2021The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine must be defrosted before use. This page gives guidance on considerations whilst thawing the vaccine.

Using Versapak PYTB2 coolbox for vaccine storage

24 January 2021Information and guidance on the use of Versapak PYTB2 Coolbox. Refers to storage for all vaccines across all care settings.

Dealing with delivery issues associated with the Covid-19 vaccines and consumables

22 January 2021Specific supply chain routes have been set up for both vaccine, and equipment and consumables. Dedicated service desks handle issues.

Using COVID-19 vaccines in patient taking immunosuppressive medicines

22 January 2021National advice and considerations on the use of this vaccine in patients taking immunosuppressive medicines

Recommendations for retention of records of COVID-19 vaccination administered under a Patient Specific Direction (PSD)

19 January 2021The record retention requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations administered under a Patient Specific Direction reflect the national record keeping standards.

Advice for programme volunteers on giving COVID-19 vaccines legally

18 January 2021The different legal mechanisms to give the vaccine are described with respect to programme volunteers, where trained and competent in vaccination.