46th UKMI Conference (virtual) 2020 – iPosters

Mark Cheeseman, Professional Lead for Medicines Information, Midlands & East, Midlands and East Medicines Advice Service (East Anglia site)Published

The iPosters listed below have been submitted and accepted for the 46th UKMi Conference (virtual) in 2020.

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  1. Barts Health NHS Trust Medicines Information National COVID-19 Information Service (Bassi)
  2. Re-engineering of Medicines Information Service (Bevan) a
  3. Expectations and Perceptions of a Medicines Helpline Service: What do Patients Want? (Carter)
  4. 20 years on: how does the UKMi network use mi-uk? (Fallows)
  5. Remote working in a Regional Medicines Information Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic – challenges and successes (Hill)
  6. Working together to develop national Patient Group Direction templates for sexual and reproductive health services in England (Jenkins)
  7. Information That Is Easy to Swallow (King)
  8. Introducing Medicines Information training for pre-registration pharmacy technicians (Levene)
  9. Supporting management of enquiry workload between two regional centres – can a collaborative process be established? (Meadows)
  10. Controlled Drug Palliative Care Pre-Packs in the Emergency Department during COVID-19 (Morey)
  11. Medicines Information Support for ICCU during COVID-19 (Morey)
  12. Managing a Myriad – MI response to the COVID19 pandemic (O’Hanlon)
  13. Temperature excursion enquiries – Time burden or huge cost savings? (Patel)
  14. What do GP Practice Pharmacists enquire about? A retrospective review of calls to a large UK NHS Teaching Hospital medicines advice service (Preece)
  15. Ambient Temperatures – Developing Guidance and a Risk Assessment Tool for Storage of Medicines in Clinical Areas (Rankin)
  16. How our Medicines Information Centre has adapted to working during the COVID-19 pandemic (Stephenson)
  17. Using Enquiry Times to Provide Directed Support to Rotational Pharmacists (Waghorn)
  18. Evaluating Adverse Drug Reaction reporting via MiDatabank at the Welsh Medicines Information Centre (Williams)
  19. Service Improvement for Emergency Duty Resources (Witts)

a. There is no audio for this iPoster.