A CQUIN framework for the development of an Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy

· Medicines Use and Safety

This CQUIN supports the delivery of “care closer to home” and the QIPP agenda by facilitating the safe administration of Parenteral Antimicrobial therapy in the non-inpatient setting. OPAT episodes of care are estimated to cost around 50% of the equivalent inpatient costs.

There are many options for the delivery of antimicrobial therapy other than the inpatient setting: outpatient or community clinics; community nursing in the patient’s residence; through home care with nurse administration or self-administration by the patient. An OPAT service either in the acute or community setting provides the structure for safer transfer and review of these patients in the non-inpatient setting.

The aim of the attached CQUIN is to provide the “pump priming” funding to establish the service which becomes a self-sustaining service for the future and provides efficiencies for both the provider and the commissioners.

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