About Patient Group Direction (PGD) Q&As

Jo Jenkins, Specialist Pharmacist (Patient Group Directions) SPS Medicines Use and Safety Division Source Specialist Pharmacy ServicePublished

Patient Group Direction (PGD) Q&As published on this website are produced to support healthcare professionals, commissioners and providers of NHS and public health commissioned services in England.

PGD Q&As have been developed in response to common issues and questions arising about PGDs, sharing our understanding of the complex and evolving issues which arise in considering the need for, developing and implementing PGDs in practice.

All PGD Q&As are developed in consultation with the SPS Website PGD Board members and other experts where relevant.

The purpose of a PGD Q&A is to:

  • provide high quality answers to common questions about PGDs that may be difficult and time-consuming.
  • to provide interpretation of relevant Regulations and national guidelines with reference to PGDs.
  • maintain the quality and consistency of information given to users of the website.

The Q&As have a review date of 5 years after writing, but may be updated sooner if new information and evidence warrants an earlier review.

You can search for a PGD Q&A using a relevant keyword or keywords (e.g. delegation). Alternatively you can click on the link to ‘Guidance and Governance’ from the homepage, and use the filters ‘Patient Group Direction” and ‘Q&A’ for a list of all PGD Q&As on the website.

Users should note that not all Q&As on the SPS website are PGD Q&As, so if you use the search facility, the results generated will include other types of Q&As produced by different organisations.

New and updated PGD Q&As will be notified through the ‘News’ section of this website, as well as via the NICE Evidence Medicines Awareness updates to registered users (click here to register).

Disclaimer for use of PGD Q&As

  • Each PGD Q&A has been developed following a standard operating procedure. The Q&A is prepared by the Specialist Pharmacist Patient Group Directions and is ratified by the SPS PGD Service Advisory Board which includes members from the CQC, MHRA, NICE, DHSC, NHSE, PHE and commissioners and providers from all sectors including independent providers.
  • PGD Q&A documents are intended for use by commissioners and providers of NHS and public health commissioned services and NHS healthcare professionals. They cannot be used for commercial or marketing purposes.
  • Members of the public or professionals from outside England may need assistance to interpret the information and to translate it to their own situation. It is strongly recommended to seek relevant professional help in such cases.
  • The question and answer (Q&A) relates solely to the scenario described within the text. You are strongly advised to read the entire document, and in particular to take into account any limitations highlighted. PGD Q&As are believed to be an accurate interpretation of the legislation and relevant national guidelines at the time of preparation. However, users should always take account of new legislation or national guidelines because these may change an answer.
  • Each PGD Q&A will be deleted 5 years after preparation, unless it has been updated.
  • The authors of PGD Q&As are not responsible for the content of external websites and links are made available solely to indicate their potential usefulness to users. You must use your judgement to determine the accuracy and relevance of the information they contain.
  • Using this PGD Q&A indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the above.
  • If the PGD Q&A does not answer your specific question, or if you have any doubts about whether the scenario is relevant to your organisation or situation, you can contact us via the ‘Ask an question’ function on the SPS website. Some queries may require wider consultation with SPS PGD Service Advisory Board members before a response can be given but enquirers will be kept fully informed of time frames if this is necessary.