Access to medicines information resources by pharmacy teams during COVID-19

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We have brought together information resources to support different pharmacy teams working across the health system access medicines advice during COVID-19.

You can find medicines information resources listed below that are accessible to all pharmacy teams working across the health system.

if you work as part of a hospital pharmacy team you can find additional resources accessible to you here.

If you think we have missed anything which may be useful for pharmacy colleagues, please contact us

Remember – no single information resource is totally comprehensive or completely up-to-date in all respects and all databases have the potential to have search function anomalies; use your professional judgement to decide when you need to verify facts in another resource.


NHS Injectable Medicines Guide (Medusa)

  • Access to this national resource can be made available to all to ensure the safe preparation and administration of injectable medicines and is continuously being updated.
  • A Quick Guide for how to access this resource can be found at the bottom of this page.

Coronavirus Yellow Card (MHRA)

  • Healthcare professionals can report all suspected adverse drug reactions associated with any medicines used in patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, including medicines to manage long term or pre-existing conditions and medicines being used off-label, via the MHRA Coronavirus Yellow Card.
  • Reporting for incidents in clinical trials should be in line with trial protocols.

The Liverpool Drug Interaction Group COVID-19 Drug Interaction Checker

  • This freely accessible resource allows you to check interactions between one or more medicines.
  • You can access this interactive tool here
  • If you need any clarification or further information in relation to a potential interaction, please contact your nearest medicines information service.

UKMi Recommended Resources (free access)

  • You can access a list of freely available resources, including many web based sources on our website already by clicking here.


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