Change of maternal pertussis vaccine, January 2020

The maternal pertussis immunisation programme commenced in October 2012, initially using Repevax® vaccine (dTaP/IPV). From July 2014, Boostrix®-IPV (dTaP/IPV) has been supplied.

From mid-January 2020, Repevax® will be available to order through ImmForm for use in the maternal pertussis immunisation programme instead of Boostrix®- IPV. This is a temporary change and it is anticipated that supplies will revert back to Boostrix®-IPV in autumn 2020. This change is necessary as PHE is running down all stock of Repevax® before the introduction of Boostrix-IPV across both the maternal pertussis and the pre-school booster programmes.

There is no other change to the maternal pertussis immunisation programme, further details about this programme can be found in chapter 24 of the Green Book

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