Community Health Services Conference: What the White Paper means for Community Health Services

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 6 July 2021Location Online

Understanding the current landscape of the NHS and the opportunities it presents, will help shape how community health services are delivered locally


6 July 2021



About the event

Our expert speakers covered a series of issues relevant to community health services.


Aimed at our target audience of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in community health services and pharmacists and pharmacy technicians commissioning community health services.

Why it’s important

Having awareness of the the system design and drivers helps us shape services so we can deliver joined-up, patient-centred care.

What was covered

The learning outcomes from this conference were:

  • Understand the implications of strategic drivers and how they will impact on community health services.
  • Gain an understanding of how Community Health Services will work in Integrated Care Systems.
  • Identify the opportunities for improved patient care.
  • Learn from the experiences of others who have developed these areas of practice.
  • Identify areas for improvement within your own organisation and begin to develop an action plan.

We included a panel Q&A towards the end of the afternoon to reflect on what we had heard.


A range of speakers ran this event from SPS and other organisations

SPS speaker

Our SPS speaker was Sandra Wolper and the conference was facilitated by Barry. Read more about SPS colleagues by following the links:

Non-SPS speakers

Bruce Warner

Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, NHS England

Linda Honey

Interim Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership

Jacqui Ballantyne

Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Community Services, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Rahul Singal

Chief Pharmacist, NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Kiran Dahele

Senior Pharmacist – Projects, NELFT NHS Foundation Trust


Access the recordings of the webinar:

Part 1 of this conference with presentations from Tracy Rogers, Bruce Warner and Linda Honey

Part 2 of this conference with presentations from Rahul Singal, Bhavin Karania, Kiran Dahele and Kamaljit Takhar

Programme: part 1

The programme below will help you navigate the recording for part 1 of the event.

Programme: part 2

The programme below will help you navigate the recording for part 2 of the event.

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