Deployment of ISO 80369-6-compliant devices for neuraxial connection in 2017

In 2009 and 2011, the NPSA published a series of alerts requiring the NHS to use non-Luer devices for neuraxial bolus doses and infusions of medicines. This was partly successful and many English Trusts adopted proprietary systems for chemotherapy in particular, Other Trusts and the Devolved Administrations decided to wait for a new ISO device standard to be published. It is important to note that existing systems will NOT be compatible with the new ISO-compliant systems. This is an interim position statement from the Pharmacy Aseptic Services Group which provides a progress report and advice to help Trusts plan next steps. Definitive final advice to the NHS is expected later in 2017, once the device market has stabilised and integrity and stability testing of available devices has been completed.

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