Discussion sheets from first wave of Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee meetings

Four Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees exist for England, with one sited in each of the NHS England regional geographies (The North, Midlands and the East, London, and The South).  The committess provide advice and make recommendations on the optimal use of medicines for the benefit of patients and the NHS.  They bring together decision makers and clinicians across the four regions of England to share best practice, understand the evidence base, co-ordinate action in order to reduce variation, and improve outcomes and value from medicines.

The committees formally came into being in 2017 with the first round of meetings running from June through to September.  For the first meetings, each committee discussed the same 3 substantive agenda items: biosimilars, anti-microbial resistance, and polypharmacy.

The attachments below summarise the discussions of each of the 4 committees for each of the 3 substantive agenda items.  As the committees operate in a single way, the discussion documents have been written to reflect the iterative nature of the committees’ deliberations on the topics.

Further detail and information on the work of each RMOC will be being made available in due course.  And it will be also soon be possible to raise an issue for potential RMOC consideration through the SPS website.