Variations exist in practice for DMARD monitoring, therefore we advise clinicians working in primary care to work with their specialist centres for patient-specific advice and guidance.

The British Society of Rheumatology advises the following:
“Clinicians may need to be flexible about blood testing for patients on stable DMARDs. It is usually safe to reduce blood testing to three-monthly or even less [frequently] in stable patients. Departments need to review cases on an individual basis and weigh up the risks of continuing without blood testing, compared to the benefit of staying on DMARDs.

This page was developed in conjunction with Kalveer Flora, Chair, Rheumatology Pharmacists UK (RPUK); Lead Pharmacist, Specialised Rheumatology CRG for NHS England. We are hugely grateful for her input.

Our advice is constantly reviewed as the pandemic situation evolves; if you spot anything that’s wrong report a concern to us.