Getting ready to use sotrovimab: guidance for Chief Pharmacists

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This guidance for Chief Pharmacists supports the pharmacy institutional readiness for the management of sotrovimab in COVID-19 infection.


Our guidance covers receipt, storage and preparation of sotrovimab. We do not cover commissioning and eligibility; further advice is available in the CAS alert. (Link will be provided when available)

Chief Pharmacist responsibilities

Chief Pharmacist responsibilities for nMABs overall are covered in COVID-19 neutralising monoclonal antibodies and SPS support.

With specific reference to sotrovimab they have responsibilities in the following domains.

Preparation location

Sotrovimab may be prepared either in the pharmacy aseptic unit, or in a clinical area by suitably trained staff. The preparation is scored as a medium NPSA risk level (4).


  • Setting up systems for receipt and storage of the starting materials
  • provision of preparation records for use in clinical areas
  • timely preparation and issue of infusions from the pharmacy aseptic unit


Oversight of, and support to, preparation in clinical areas, if applicable

Incident response

Ongoing review and responding to incidents and other problems.

Deployment support

Handling and preparation of sotrovimab

An outline process and supporting materials to help Trusts deploy sotrovimab

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