Handling casirivimab and imdevimab within Trusts

Ian Allen, Pharmacy Quality Assurance Regional Specialist (NW), North West Pharmaceutical Quality AssurancePublished Last updated See all updates

An outline process and supporting materials to help Trusts deploy Ronapreve

Process flow

Following the process below will help Chief Pharmacists and their teams when handling and preparing casirivimab and imdevimab within Trusts.

Supporting materials

Using out materials attached below will support implementation of the process steps described above.

Amending expiry dates

Use the attached worksheets to ensure safe over labelling when amending expiry dates.

Preparation instructions for individual Ronapreve products

For resources to support preparation, select the link below based on the combination of dose being prepared and vial size being used

Change history

  1. Correction to duplicated table for 2.5ml vial size. Batch no. and expiry table for 11.1mL vial size added
  1. Page updated following DHPC communication further extending expiry of both 300mg (2.5ml) and 1.2g (11.1mL) vial size presentations
  1. Added note on preparation for administration via subcutaneous route
  1. Updated to reflect new MHRA guidance on new 11 month reduced expiry which may be applied to 300mg (2.5ml) cartons. New overlabelling worksheet added for process of relabelling existing over labelled stock with new 11 month reduced expiry.
  1. Preparation in an aseptic unit section updated with information on using 11.1mL vial size to make 2 x 1.2g doses. Preparation in clinical area section updated to state solution remaining in 11.1mL vials used to make 1.2g dose must not be retained to make further bags.
  1. Materials to support preparation of new 1.2g total dose added. Consumable kits amended to be dose specific. Existing drug kit worksheet sample labels updated to refer to new dose specific consumable kits. Existing clinical area preparation records updated to include new step to check dose being prepared matches document and refer to to new dose specific consumable kits.
  1. Kits for preparation in clinical areas updated to separate consumables into kits for room temperature storage, due to incompatibility of some consumables with refrigerated storage
  1. Correction to listed batch numbers
  1. Published