Health and Justice: Planned Upgrades to the Health and Justice Information System Prescribing and Medicines Functions

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 12 February 2020Location Online

This webinar provided an overview of the planned upgrade to the prescribing system used within secure environments in 2020


12 February 2020



About the event

This webinar described the planned upgrades to the Heath and Justice Information System (HJIS) prescribing and medicines functions. These involve changes to how medicines are prescribed (including prescriber authorisation of prepared repeat prescriptions) and a new process for adjusting the in-possession status of a current prescription.

Why it’s important

For those providing pharmacy services to secure environments, the planned upgrade to the prescribing and administration software will be rolled out within the next 12 months and is expected impact how you provide your service.

What was covered

Topics covered included:

  • Brief background to the upgrade and initial pilots
  • The main changes to the HJIS functions and the planned roll out
  • Experiences from a pilot site
  • What will happen next (including advice for what providers need to do or watch out for


A range of speakers ran this event from SPS and other organisations

SPS speakers

This session was facilitated by Dr Barry Jubraj and you can read more about Barry by following the link

Non-SPS speakers

Presented by:

Denise Farmer

National Pharmaceutical Adviser Health and Justice, NHSE/I

Jo Angell

Health and Justice Deputy Programme Manager, NEL CSU


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