How should pubic lice be treated in a breastfeeding mother

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  • No studies of the passage of malathion or permethrin into human breast milk following topical application have been located.
  • Percutaneous absorption of malathion is about 4%.  Malathion is rapidly destroyed by plasma cholinesterases.
  • Percutaneous absorption of permethrin is less than 2%.  Permethrin is rapidly metabolised by serum and tissue enzymes to inactive metabolites and rapidly excreted in the urine.
  • Theoretical considerations would indicate that the amount of drug passing into milk after topical application would be too low to present a hazard to the breastfeeding infant.
  • Either malathion or permethrin topical preparations may be used to treat pubic lice infestations in breastfeeding mothers of full term, healthy infants.