How to prepare for a CQC Inspection – A guide for Chief Pharmacists of Provider Organisations

· Medicines Use and Safety

OCTOBER 2020: CQC has announced their roll out of a transitional regulatory approach.   It is our intention to review and revise this resource in 2021/22 to reflect this.

This resource is for Chief Pharmacists in acute, mental health and community services provider organisations to help them and their staff prepare for a CQC Inspection.  This guide is not an inspection crib sheet and won’t guarantee an “outstanding” rating.  What it might do is highlight areas in your service that could be improved, and by exploring the exemplars or other resources you might quickly be able to formulate an action plan. On the other hand, you might find that you are “ahead of the curve” and want to share your good work with us for the next version.  Send your contributions to

“The document would be most useful to use as an on-going tool and not just prior to a visit” Deputy Chief Pharmacist