Implementing Patient Safety Alert 18: Anticoagulant Therapy Resource [UPDATE]

· Medicines Use and Safety

This is an update of the resource produced by the Medicines Use and Safety Team of NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service in 2010. The aim of the resource is to support NHS organisations and practitioners from all sectors of care in implementing medication-related requirements published in Patient Safety Alert NPSA/2007/18: Actions that can make anticoagulation therapy safer. Although the alert does not make specific recommendations relating to Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs), steps have been taken to include information about DOACs and relate this to recommendations made in the alert. Many of the items cited in the resource are a collation of information provided by colleagues who have implemented the alert.

The resource will be routinely updated to incorporate new information. If you have any comments or examples of implementation that you would like to share as a part of a future update, please send these to

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