Institutional Readiness for Management of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna in Trusts

Ian Allen, Pharmacy Quality Assurance Regional Specialist (NW), North West Pharmaceutical Quality AssurancePublished Last updated See all updates

Must read guidance for Chief Pharmacists and others in Trusts on the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna


The attachment below outlines the medicines management responsibilities of Chief Pharmacists for Mass Vaccination in Trust sites, and provides supporting guidance and resources in relation to:

  • Safe storage and distribution, including temperature controlled storage.
  • Oversight of vaccine handling and preparation, including management of shelf life reduction processes following defrosting

The document aims to promote consistency of practice by providing flow diagrams outlining a stepwise approach to implementing Pharmacy processes to receive, store and issue vaccines, and to oversee vaccine handling processes by clinical staff.


Other handling content for Trusts

Other COVID-19 vaccines resources

Change history

  1. Added information on recipe of thawed vaccine
  1. Content reviewed and accurate
  1. Added section referencing to movement of vaccine by mutual aid
  1. Added description of the new 0.25mL booster dose and reference to new documents to support preparation of the new dose. 0.5ml dose now referred to as 'primary course dose'
  1. Additional detail added on guidance for transport
  1. Added note regarding thawing of individual vials at room temperature and reference to removing 11 doses from each vial
  1. Correction to fridge storage temperature range in process flow 1
  1. Vaccine has full UK marketing authorisation from 01/04/2021. Link to SPC and PIL added.
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