Is there a place in therapy for Kenalog® (triamcinolone acetonide) intramuscular injection for seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever)?

Yuet Wan, Medicines Information Pharmacist, London and South East Regional Medicines InformationSource London and South east Regional Medicines InformationPublished

Kenalog® (triamcinolone acetonide) intramuscular injection used to be commonly prescribed for the treatment of treat hay fever in UK general practice; particularly in patients who had insufficient relief from other treatments. A Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB) in 1999 concluded that a single dose is likely to relieve hay fever symptoms, but it is unclear for how long any benefit is likely to last, what unwanted effects might develop and how it compares with standard therapy. It recommended that until there is clear evidence of its advantages over other hay fever treatments, including oral prednisolone, use of depot injections of triamcinolone is no longer acceptable. Due to continued interest by patients in using this treatment, a review was conducted to identify new evidence since the publication of the DTB, to determine if its conclusions remain unchanged.