Kidney Care UK guidance during COVID-19

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Provides information about COVID-19 for patients with kidney disease, including those with transplants.


Kidney Care UK has issued COVID-19 guidance for patients with kidney disease. This includes a section about different types of medication.

Unless patients are advised otherwise, it is very important that they continue to take all their immunosuppressive drugs.

It also advises of the potential for interactions between COVID-19 treatments such as antibiotics/antifungals and transplant immunosuppression medicines such as tacrolimus, ciclosporin or sirolimus; patients are reminded to that when they start any new medication, to tell the prescriber that they are taking immunosuppressants. However, patients should not change anything unless advised to by their renal team.

Answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines, including ‘Which vaccine is best for kidney patients’, ‘Rollout of a 3rd Covid-19 vaccine dose’ and ‘Are the Covid-19 vaccines live? Could the vaccines cause rejection of my transplant?’

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