Liquid Medicines Standardisation for Children

Event 20 January 2022Location Online via Webex

An ‘On the Couch’ discussion between specialist pharmacists in challenging discussions on liquid medicines standardisation for children.


20 January 2022


Online via Webex

About the Event

Our speakers shared their experiences of working across the healthcare interface to support safe prescribing and administration of medicines to children.

Why it’s important

Children are not just small adults and being able to cater for their specific healthcare needs ensures they can get the most benefit from medicine they need to take.

What was covered

The webinar focused on:

  • The key considerations when choosing an oral liquid medicine for a child.
  • The challenges and safety issues related to prescribing and supplying liquid medicines for children.
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of the need for standardised concentrations, highlighting the work at local and national levels that aims to address this.


SPS and several expert speakers ran this event:

SPS speaker

Professor Nina Barnett will facilitate this session and you can read more about our SPS colleague by following the link:

Non SPS Speakers

Expert speakers participating in the webinar included:

Nanna Christiansen

Associate Chief Pharmacist Children’s Services, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Andrew Wignall

Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner Paediatric Critical Care, Nottingham Children’s Hospital

Sheatha Abumehdi

Specialist Paediatric Pharmacist, South East London CCG Specials Project


The recording of this webinar is currently unavailable.

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