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Released in 2016 the first Carter report set the scene for improving both efficiency and productivity across NHS acute hospitals; in May 2018 the second Carter report was published. This second report makes a recommendation (Recommendation 11) to improve both efficiency and productivity in the NHS by standardising the development and distribution of PGDs, medicines policies and other essential organisational governance documents across NHS organisations with the aim of releasing significant local resource to be redeployed on optimising outcomes from medicines use.

SPS have established the Medicines Governance Do Once (MGDO) Secretariat. This Secretariat provides the oversight for the ‘Do Once’ project; its members are from SPS Medicines Use and Safety team (MUS), NHS Improvement and NHS England. It is this group who will ensure the programme is delivered with oversight and support from the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs).

What are the benefits to organisations?

  • Consistency, quality and reduced variability
  • Alignment with national guidance
  • Increased organisational capacity releasing local resources to work within other medicines optimisation areas

Who is this information for?

We want all NHS services where medicines are used to know about the Medicines Governance Do Once Programme.  We are therefore providing current information and transparency on the development and publication of national medicines governance documentation.

Current Position

The MGDO Secretariat has developed a system to produce PGDs and guidance documents as part of a three year rolling programme.

The programme will focus initially on PGDs; work on national medicines polices will start in summer 2019.

PGDs will be developed in Short Life Working Groups (SLWGs) which will include Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). SMEs will be recognised leaders working in the clinical environment where the PGDs will be used. Further details on the process can be found below.

The proposal paper submitted to the RMOC, the MGDO Secretariat Terms of Reference, the Governance Structure, the MGDO PGD process, and a Position Paper written in January 2019 can all be accessed below.

Related Resources

PGDs are not always required.  We have produced guidance on when PGDs should not be used and advice on alternative mechanisms for supply and administration of medicines.  Link

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