Medicines Reconciliation: Best Practice Resource and Toolkit

Amanda Cooper, Associate Director, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Source Medicines Use and Safety TeamPublished

This Medicines Reconciliation best practice resource / toolkit is divided into 6 chapters which aim to:

  • Allow senior Pharmacists to make a case for resources to support Medicines Reconciliation within the organisation from a perspective of patient safety and return on investment
  • Generate discussion between senior Pharmacists and their multidisciplinary colleagues to improve Medicines Reconciliation processes within the organisation
  • Allow standardisation and establishment of best practice for Medicines Reconciliation within and across organisations
  • Provide tools to audit and evaluate Medicines Reconciliation processes within the organisation
  • Provide a framework to ensure that staff are fully trained and competent to deliver Medicines Reconciliation
  • Provide to quality improvement methodology in the context of Medicines Reconciliation