Morphine sulfate: syringe compatibility information for use during COVID-19

John Minshull, Deputy Director, London Medicines Information Service, Specialist Pharmacy ServicePublished

During COVID-19 mixing drugs in a syringe may be more necessary than normal.  For our background page on syringe compatibility during COVID-19 go here.

Morphine sulfate is a solution for injection with an acid pH.

This page gives specific information on compatibility of morphine sulfate when combined with other medicines in a syringe.  Use this information in conjunction with the detailed information on morphine sulfate in the national injectable medicines guide.

Known compatibility information for morphine sulfate

  • Is incompatible with propofol
  • Compatible with midazolam hydrochloride for up to 24 hours, at a concentration of up to 8mg/mL of morphine sulfate and up to 2mg/mL of midazolam, with sodium chloride 0.9% used as a diluent

Our advice is constantly reviewed as the pandemic situation evolves; if you spot anything that’s wrong report a concern to us.