Moving Comirnaty concentrate for adults and adolescents from an ULT freezer into a fridge to thaw in Trusts

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A SOP is provided for moving Comirnaty concentrate for adults and adolescents from an ultra-low temperature freezer to thaw and the expiry reduction process


The attached standard operating procedure describes the process of removal of Comirnaty concentrate for adults and adolescents from an ultra-low temperature freezer into a fridge to thaw, and the associated expiry date reduction process.


The attachment is presented in Word to enable adaptation locally, or as reference source to check that existing local procedures are robust and comprehensive.
Within the SOP:

  • GREEN TEXT indicates that detail is awaited, and will be added when available;
  • RED TEXT indicates where detail is to be added locally.


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Change history

  1. Reference to Comirnaty (10 microgram/dose) concentrate for Children 5-11 years removed as this presentation no longer to be delivered frozen
  1. Changed throughout to include Children 5-11 years product. Removal of reference to Regulation 174 product.
  1. Content reviewed and accurate
  1. Correction of 'movement from shipper' to 'movement from ULT'
  1. Updated to reflect availability of Comirnaty-branded product and associated changes
  1. New Pfizer thaw label image added
  1. Post thaw refrigerated expiry extended to 31 days
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