National Patent Group

The NHS national patent group was established to monitor patent expiries, gather intelligence on potential generic/ biosimilar launches and plan for their introduction into the NHS in a timely and safe manner.  The group is comprised of senior members of the Specialist Pharmacy Service (Medicines Information and procurement) and NHS England Commercial Medicines Unit and Specialised Commissioning.

The main roles of the group are:

  • To monitor the patents on medicines and maintain a record of patent expiries and market exclusivity for all medicines licensed in the UK, using a patent monitoring tool that has been developed by the group.
  • To consider relevant patent expiries and subsequent generic or biosimilar saving opportunities.
  • To consider any safety or operational issues that may arise from the introduction of generic or biosimilar products.
  • To consider the budgetary implications for the NHS of high-impact patent expiries.
  • To support the CMU with the development and delivery of a work-plan for these medicines (transition tenders).
  • To support SPS in maintaining accurate information on patent expiries on the SPS website.
  • To support and deliver a communication strategy around medicine patent expiries for all NHS stakeholders.


Membership of the group can be found here.

The group will produce outputs, timed to coincide with national transition tenders.  These can be found here.  Note that you will need to be registered with the SPS website and logged in to view the document.

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