Supporting early career pharmacy professionals in data-driven care: A guidance document for the professionals

Tim Root, Assistant Head, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service, Specialist Pharmacy ServicePublished

The amount of data that is used and collected by and for the NHS is increasing each year. This provides a huge opportunity for health and social care teams to improve patient care and safety. Pharmacy professionals are well placed to drive these advancements with the digitalisation of many processes within current practice. The development of datasets and dashboards such as The Model Hospital and Fingertips has helped provide the basis for obtaining improvements in patient care and outcomes. There have been notable successes where pharmacy professionals have used data to drive improvements within the NHS including reducing antimicrobial prescribing in primary care and reducing numbers of strokes by anticoagulating patients with atrial fibrillation. Early career pharmacy professionals have also contributed to local successes such as the development and implementation of a clinical pharmacy dashboard to reduce missed doses and increase patient facing clinical care based on prioritisation.