NHSI HoPMOp Newsletter August 2018

In this edition:
For Action:
• Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) Funding 2018/19
• Dictionary of Medicines and devices (dm+d)- Applications for system upgrade funding (JAC & EMIS systems only)
• A UK Wide consultation is issued in behalf of 4 UK health departments
For Information:
• Richard Goodman- Our newly appointed London Regional Pharmacist
• Pharmacy workforce metrics are being developed
• Top 10 medicines, CIPs and Expenditure webinar and follow-up Q&A
• Release of new Top 10 metric in the Model hospital- Trastuzumab IV biosimilar metric
• Dermatology GIRFT- Standard management of childhood eczema using bath additives and emollients
• Regional webinar on adalimumab in September

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