NICE Medicines Practice Guidelines 2 Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

· National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

This guideline provides good practice recommendations for individual people and organisations involved with PGDs, with the aim of ensuring patients receive safe and appropriate care and timely access to medicines, in line with legislation.

This guideline is written in the context of the NHS in England, including independent organisations or contractors who are commissioned to provide NHS services. It may also be applicable to individual people and organisations delivering non-NHS healthcare services, and to some of the devolved administrations.

In March 2017, changes were made to update the format of this guideline and a recommendation was removed because it was out of date. Some changes were also made to make recommendation 1.5.4 clearer and to update recommendation 1.1.10.

Resources to support this guideline are also available. These include competency frameworks and a blank template. See links below

In December 2014, NICE also published a pathway for this guideline to help users navigate the guideline and its recommendations at various stages of the process. See link below.


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