NPC Medications in-possession publication

Sarah Cavanagh, Deputy Director, Medicines Use and Safety Division, Specialist Pharmacy ServiceSource Medicines Use and Safety TeamPublished

In 2005, to support all prisons in England and Wales, and their Primary Care Trusts / Local Health Boards (PCTs), develop and implement a local policy for medication in-possession, Prison Health commissioned the National Prescribing Centre to produce this guide to improving practice. This has since been archived due to the demise of the NPC, but as the guidance is still very useful for prison practice, Specialist Pharmacy Service have uploaded it here.

The guide was developed with input from a wide range of prison and PCT staff, drawing on those with experience of medication in-possession, and seeking the views of others. Its content, which is not mandatory but reflects good practice, aims to:

  • Support local prison / PCT partnerships to move, in a managed way, to the default position where patients in prisons normally manage their prescribed medication.
  • Share and disseminate known good practice and expertise more widely Prevent duplication of effort, and offer a consistent approach to this developmental work across the prison estate
  • Recognise that each prison will be starting from a different position in the extent to which it has medication in-possession, and may follow a different process, appropriate to local circumstances, for its safe introduction and / or development.