Reducing harm from omitted or delayed medicines in hospital. Tool to support local implementation

Tiffany Barrett, Interim co-director, South West Medicines Information and Training, NHS England SouthSource UK Medicines InformationPublished

18/10/2021 – please note that the Reducing Harm from Omitted or Delayed medicines in Hospital document has been updated to Dec 2020.

Hospitals are directed to identify a list of critical medicines where timeliness of administration is crucial.  This tool is designed to support this work.

This document, originally produced in support of the NPSA alert, has been updated to include new medicine groups and also specific clinical circumstances.

The risks of delay or omission for each drug or drug class are categorised using a traffic light system which aims to help organisations identify the need for specific local action in terms of patient care and incident reporting.

This list is put forward as a starting point for the production of local lists of very high priority medicines and related conditions that carry very significant risks of death or severe patient harm if a single dose is omitted and delayed.  The list is not universally applicable or totally comprehensive; other medicines such as those for Parkinsons Disease, anticoagulants etc should be considered locally and may be included in local lists.