OPNet – Reducing Overprescribing in people living with frailty, multimorbidity and polypharmacy

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 23 November 2022Location 13.00 - 16.30 Online via Webex

Our speakers will offer insights, guidance and tips on how various teams and parts of the ICS can contribute and support the reduction in overprescribing,


23 November 2022


13.00 - 16.30 Online via Webex

About the event

This is an annual learning and networking event for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working with older people. It provides a forum for mainly frontline practitioners to keep abreast of topical issues in the care of older people as well as to further develop the skills and confidence to deliver patient-centred care and optimise medicines use.

The theme for this webinar is implementing the National Overprescribing Review (NOR) report.

Why it’s important

ICS are tasked with reducing overprescribing by 10% (number of prescribed items).

Older people have a higher prevalence of overprescribing and are more vulnerable to its adverse consequences.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, particularly in primary care are expected to enable and contribute to the delivery the NOR plan through Structured Medication Reviews (SMRs).

What will be covered/what you’ll learn

  • Outline the key findings of the NOR report and how pharmacy teams can contribute to implementation of relevant recommendations.
  • Describe and apply the DExTruS approach to tackling over prescribing in patients with complexities in primary care:
    • Data: the provision of continuous, comprehensive access to data from across multidisciplinary teams which includes the CONTEXTUAL data needed to support tailored interpretations.
    • Explanation: professional capacity to construct tailored interpretations of need and the value of medicalisation
    • Trust: recognised as both a mechanism of, and outcome. of quality generalist care, our findings showed that trust is created by a capacity to LEARN – a model of practice built on an informed process of ‘trial and review’.
    • Supportive infrastructure: with health systems designed to support the complex knowledge work involved in construction, delivery and learning from tailored care.
  • Describe practical processes that need setting up in their local practice to facilitate delivery of SMRs.
  • Learn about system wide approaches and interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaboration to reduce overprescribing.


We are pleased to attach the Agenda


Lelly Oboh, Consultant Pharmacist, Care of older people, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Services and Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust.

Clare Howard, Clinical Lead for AHSN National Polypharmacy programme.

Prof Joanne Reeve, GP and Professor of Primary Care Research

Steve Williams, Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Poole Bay and Bournemouth PCN

Heather Smith, Consultant Pharmacist, Older People, ICS overprescribing lead, Integrated Care Board (ICB) Leeds, NHS West Yorkshire ICB

Suzi Griffiths, Project Manager at Healthy London Partnership

Cleo Butterworth, Associate Clinical Director, Patient Safety and Experience, Health Innovation Network

Nicola Wake, Pharmacy Integration Project Lead​, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service

SPS Speakers

Our MC today will be Barry Jubraj.  You can read more about Barry below.


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