Patent Expirations and Licensed Medicines from the MHRA website

The MHRA publish information on the licences they have issues for medicines and also when they expire.  This information has been collated and sorted into three files included here.

These documents are intended to support Trusts with local horizon scanning and supply chain management. The contents are developed from published monthly summaries of approved marketing authorisations by the MHRA on the following website;

This summary list may contain errors from the data conversion process, and is not intended to be a reflection of medicines launched in the UK.

Information on products with EU Centralised Marketing Authorisations and Parallel Imports is not included.

  • All Products listed alphabetically – useful if gauging market size.
  • Patent Watch List –NB this is a collation from Prescribing Outlook and the MHRA website.
  • All Products by Supplier – useful if meeting with Industry.

Not exhaustive but a guide.

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