Point of care manufacture of medicinal products: an innovative opportunity for pharmacy teams

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 8 July 2021Location Online
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Manufacture of medicines at the point of administration is presenting exciting opportunities for pharmacy teams, underpinned by good governance and regulation


8 July 2021



About the event

Attendees were introduced to the concepts, practical and regulatory implications of emerging technologies for Point of Care Manufacture of Medicinal Products.


This webinar would particularly interest Chief Pharmacists & their deputies, QA and technical services, radiopharmacy teams, MSOs and senior clinical pharmacists.

Why it’s important

It’s important to understand the role of pharmacy professionals in governance of these emerging and innovative products.

What was covered

The session included:

  • An overview of the innovative medicines development pathway and product life cycle from design through development to implementation
  • Defining Point of Care Medicines and the role of pharmacy
  • The new Point of Care regulatory framework from the MHRA


A range of speakers ran this event from SPS and other organisations

SPS Speakers

You can read more about our SPS speakers by following the links.

Non-SPS speakers

We were joined during the session by:

Ian Rees

Unit Manager Inspectorate Strategy & Innovation, MHRA

James Rickard

Chief Scientific & Regulatory Officer, Biotherapy Services Ltd

Roger Fernandes

Chief Pharmacist/Clinical Director, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Access the recording for the event.

Presentation resources

The MHRA document on POC Manufacture has been included for reference.

Slides from the presentation are now available below

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