Submitting examples of polypharmacy work

The first steps in developing a polypharmacy policy are being taken by NHS England. This will be informed by the outcome of the national review into over-prescribing which was announced by the Department of Health and Social Care in December 2018, and which will be chaired by Chief Pharmaceutical Officer Keith Ridge.

As part of the policy development work, interested colleagues are being asked to submit examples of good practice to the team at:

The Specialist Pharmacy Service is working with NHS England to plan a national polypharmacy event for May 2019, and we would like to include these submissions as part of Data Walls at this event.

What are Data Walls?

Data Walls are a method via which information related to the topic in question is presented. They are divided into sensible and meaningful categories. They present information in a way which identifies areas of improvement, and can prompt curiosity, discussion and questions.

The material included on a data wall can be photographic, graphical, sketched or narrative. It must be easily and quickly understood. It does not need to present research findings. Ideally it will be presented on one page.


For the topic of “Polypharmacy”, we have identified 8 P’s for categories. When making your submission, please state which P you feel the submission best relates to:

  • Patients
  • Professionals (other than pharmacists)
  • Pharmacies & Pharmacists
  • Pills
  • Processes
  • Practice
  • Pathways
  • Policy

Next steps

Please use the template PowerPoint slide attached below to submit your example to  You can make as many submissions as you like, but please use a separate template for each submission. Submission deadline 23 April 2019.

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