Practical Tips for Undertaking Medication Reviews in Care Homes – a video presentation

Nicola Wake, Specialist Pharmacist: Lead Pharmacy Integration Project, Specialist Pharmacy ServicePublished
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This example shows how an experienced care home pharmacist has put together a video presentation hosted on a youtube channel to support pharmacy teams new to care homes with practical tips to undertake medication reviews during the pandemic.

Why this example is important

Care homes are reporting that the COVID-19 pandemic is posing a significant challenge. In response to NHSEI call to action every care home will need some regular support including pharmacy support. That is going to be through a network of pharmacists coming from different settings and roles i.e. PCN pharmacists, GP practice pharmacists etc. There is a need to quickly upskill a workforce that may not be familiar with the care home setting.


What were you hoping to achieve?

A video presentation on ‘Practical Tips for Undertaking Medication Reviews in Care Homes’ hosted on a youtube channel that could be easily accessed by all pharmacy teams working in City and Hackney CCG and Waltham Forest and East London (WEL) CCG area.

The need for support was identified by the North East London (NEL) medicines optimisation in care homes task and finish group. The aim was to support the pharmacy workforce in responding to the challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic.

What have you implemented

A video presentation was recorded as part of a webinar session. No particular equipment was needed apart from a laptop and a power point presentation. The session was delivered and recorded using the online platform Zoom. It was then edited and published on the CCG youtube channel.

Some of the learning objectives of the video presentation include:

  • Challenges in care homes and how we can support them
  • Top tips for working in care homes
  • Prioritisation of care homes residents
  • Supporting patients with swallowing difficulties
  • Covert administration
  • Anticipatory medicines

There was also an opportunity for attendees to ask the speaker questions during a Q&A session at the end.

What have you achieved?

The video presentation has been well received (over 200 views to date).  Feedback was very positive. Lots of people got in contact to say they found it helpful.

Challenges and tips for adoption

  • Find out what your locality wants
  • Think carefully about the length of the session. People time is very precious during a crisis
  • Get the support of your local education team to host the session and advertise it. This will guarantee good attendance.