Organisations have shared examples with SPS of how to meet this challenge. These can be used and adapted locally dependent on organisational fit.

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NHS Wirral CCG

Provision of Palliative Care Emergency Medicines Service from community pharmacies.

NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG

Pharmacy Emergency Palliative Medicines Service from community pharmacies. Includes obtaining End of Life Medicines written on a FP10 from acute trust during COVID-19.

NHS South East London (SEL) CCG

Provision of Palliative Care Medications for Dying Adult Patients during COVID-19. In addition, prescriptions written by the out of hours GP service can be dispensed by the resident pharmacy team at the local acute trust following the SEL CCG Protocol for the supply of end of life drugs by Community Pharmacy.

Staffordshire sustainability and transformation partnership (STP)

The Pharmacy Palliative Care Service was reviewed and a daily SitRep report through PharmOutcomes was introduced to report any out-of-stock issues. In addition, “grab bags” were used for hospital discharges. Urgent deliveries from community pharmacies were facilitated through partner organisations.