Organisations have shared examples with SPS of how to meet this challenge. These can be used and adapted locally dependent on organisational fit.

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NHS South West London

Different ways of obtaining end of life care medicines during COVID-19 were developed across the five boroughs:

  • Merton introduced a “hub” as part of its suite of options
  • Croydon introduced a “hub” approach for oral medicines

NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG

A range of supply routes have been introduced as a tiered approach, primarily enhancing the business as usual routes.
Tier 1 – Increased access to Community Pharmacies,
Tier 2 – OOH provider keeping initial doses to administer to the patient
Tier 3 – In exceptional circumstances a “hub” set up with the local hospice can be accessed to obtain injectable stock. Email contact

NHS West Hampshire CCG and NHS Southampton City

Pre-packed palliative care medicines were made available to a GPs, OOH providers and the local hospice from an NHS pre-packing unit. The process was supported by a robust SOP. The pre-packs are intended to complement the usual route of supply (including a locally enhanced service with community pharmacies holding additional stocks). Email contact or email contact