Preparing and administering the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna

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Preparing and administering the vaccine using our SOPs, plus additional advice on post-vaccination observation and monitoring

Standard Operating Procedures

Our standard operating procedures specific to preparation cover many points and can be found below.

Additional clarifications

In addition to our SOPs, further points of clarification related to preparation and administration are as follows.

Observation following administration

Monitoring for adverse effects

The MHRA Information for Healthcare Professionals states that events of anaphylaxis have been reported. Appropriate medical treatment and supervision to manage immediate allergic reactions must always be readily available in case of an acute anaphylactic reaction following administration of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine.

Close observation for at least 15 minutes is recommended following vaccination.

Monitoring immediately post vaccination

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA – formerly known as PHE) Immunisation Against Infectious Disease (the Green Book) states that recipients of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine should be kept for observation and monitored for a minimum of 15 minutes in all delivery settings.

Administering to patients with a previous allergy status

Advising individuals with allergies on their suitability for COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna

Advice on whether people with a previous allergic reaction can have the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna.

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