Preparing Casirivimab 1200mg Imdevimab 1200mg using 2.5mL vials

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Worksheets and instructions for preparing this given dose and volume combination of Ronapreve

Ronapreve expiry changes · Update to shelf-life extensions

In January 2022, the MHRA gave permission for further shelf life extension for certain batches of both the 300mg (2.5ml) cartons and the 1332mg (11.1mL) cartons. SPS resources are currently being updated to reflect this change.


The materials attached below will support users in implementing processes for the safe preparation of Casirivimab 1200mg Imdevimab 1200mg using 2.5mL vials.

Preparation in an Aseptic Unit

Preparation of kits for use in clinical areas

Clinical area preparation work instruction

Worksheets for other Ronapreve products

Change history

  1. SPSCI03a updated following change to expiry stated in January 2022 DHPC letter
  1. Resources for preparation of IV bags now specifically state for intravenous infusion.
  1. SPSCI02a and SPSCI03a updated to reflect MHRA guidance on new 11 month reduced shelf life for 300mg (2.5ml) vials
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