Preparing COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna at PCN Designated Sites

Sue Dickinson, Director of Pharmacy, Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre (Newcastle)Published Last updated See all updates

Standard Operating Procedure for preparation of the Moderna Spikevax® COVID-19 Vaccine in PCN designated sites prior to immediate administration.


A standard operating procedure is attached to this page.

Within the SOP:

  • GREEN TEXT indicates that detail is awaited and will be added when available
  • RED TEXT indicates where detail is to be added locally

You should also familiarise yourself with our background guide Facilitating Pharmaceutical support to PCN Designated Sites for COVID-19 vaccinations before using this SOP

These documents may be adapted by Superintendent Pharmacists for the use of the vaccine in community pharmacy settings


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What to do if you still have questions

If you still have questions you can get in touch with us. However, please first read our service remit; and if you still think we can help, use the email address below.

We're supporting healthcare professionals in England with pharmaceutical aspects of the COVID-19 vaccination programme; read our service remit to find out more.
If you're a healthcare professional in England, get in touch with us if you still have questions

Change history

  1. MVH3 Section 5.2.3 Amended reference to storage up to 25 degrees C to reflect extended time of 24 hours
  2. MVH3 Section 5.4.2 removal of outdated Foundry codes
  3. MVH 3 3.1 and 3,2 the name of the vaccine has changed to Spikevax®
  1. MVH3 Section 5.3.1 amended to allow 11 doses to be withdrawn from each vial
  2. MVH3.1 renumbered
  1. Published