Preparing COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna in Trusts and Vaccination Centres

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Resources to support preparation of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna are provided including: standard operating procedures, work instructions and a checklist.


Two different doses of the Moderna Spikevax® vaccine are used depending whether administration is either part of a primary immunisation course or being used as a booster.

Separate procedures and work instructions are now available for both the 0.5ml primary course and the 0.25ml booster dose.

Local systems must be in place to ensure that staff undertaking preparation have confirmed which dose is required and that only the correct dose specific supporting documents are in use during the preparation of the syringe for administration.

Attached to this page are:

  • Standard operating procedures describing preparation of the vaccine
  • Preparation work instruction sheets for the vaccine
  • A supervision checklist for preparation of the vaccine


The attachment is presented in Word to enable adaptation locally, or as reference source to check that existing local procedures are robust and comprehensive.
Within the SOP:

  • GREEN TEXT indicates that detail is awaited, and will be added when available;
  • RED TEXT indicates where detail is to be added locally.


Other handling content for Trusts and Vaccination Centres

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Change history

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  1. Procedures and Work instructions updated to contain check of vial post thaw expiry at point of vial selection
  1. MDH4 and MDH4.1 updated to MDH4a and MDH4.1a which describe preparation of the 0.5mL primary course dose. MDH4b and MDH4.1b added which describe preparation of the 0.25mL booster dose. MDH 4.2 updated to reflect use of new booster dose
  1. Updates to reflect branding as Spikevax and associated changes to handling
  1. Correction to step numbers in MDH4.1
  1. 11th dose guidance , requirement to keep vial at room temp for 15 mins and inspection for full thaw added.
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