Prescribing Outlook 2018

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The Prescribing Outlook Series assists NHS budget holders and those involved in prescribing planning assess potential impact of new drugs and national guidance on the local health economy. The documents include information on drugs with launches planned over the next 12 to 18 months and on marketed drugs with new major indications as well as information on NICE guidance, NHS England and other national targets that may have budgetary implications over the next 18 months. It is intended to help implementation of national guidelines and to calculate cost of such implementation.

Prescribing Outlook New Medicines and National Developments, previously published as separate documents are now combined. The information is presented as separate chapters as well as one combined (large) document. Pipeline cancer therapies  and patent expiries are presented as separate Excel spreadsheets.

An Excel spreadsheet containing details of new medicines only will also be available.

Prescribing Outlook – cost calculator is an Excel spreadsheet based on content of New Medicines and National Developments. It allows crude calculations of potential costs of prescribing changes for a local population. It will be available in the near future as will a presentation containing an overview of the major prescribing developments with a primary care focus expected in the next 12 to 18 months. It contains information from the whole Prescribing Outlook series.

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Prescribing Outlook 2018 – combined chapters (160 pages)
Prescribing Outlook 2018 – spreadsheet version (new medicines, cancer therapies, biosimilars) 
Prescribing Outlook 2018 – Cost Calculator
Foreword, acknowledgements, guidance notes, key and abbreviations
BNF 1. Gastro-intestinal system
BNF 2. Cardiovasular system
BNF 3. Respiratory system
BNF 4. Nervous system
BNF 5. Infections
BNF 6. Endocrine system
BNF 7. Genito-urinary system
BNF 8. Immunnosuppression (excluding cancer)
BNF 8. Cancer therapies
BNF 9. Blood and nutrition
BNF 10. Musculoskeletal system
BNF 11. Eye
BNF 12. Ear, nose and oropharynx
BNF 13. Skin
BNF 14. Vaccines
Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) – coming soon
Patent expiries
Recently launched and development delayed medicines

Advanced therapy medicinal productAllergy and immunologyBiosimilar medicineCancersCardiovascular system disordersCCG commissionedDiabetesEar, nose and throat disordersEndocrine system disordersEyes and visionGastrointestinal disordersHaematological disordersInfection and infectious diseasesMental health and illnessMusculo-skeletal disordersNeurological disordersNew MedicinesNewsNHS England commissionedNutritional and metabolic disordersObstetrics and gynaecologyPatent ExpiriesPolicy, Commissioning and ManagerialRenal and urologic disordersRespiratory disordersSkin disordersVaccination