Primary Care Discussions: End of Life care

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 9 December 2021Location Online

Challenging discussions on end of life care – an ‘On the Couch’ discussion between specialist pharmacists and those working in primary care


9 December 2021



About the event

In this ‘on the couch’ webinar, Mel and Fazila discussed a range of topics that affect primary care colleagues when caring for patients who are deemed End of Life.

Why it’s important

Primary care is a very pressured environment at the moment and it’s crucial to understand the specific needs of palliative patients and where you can access support.

What was covered

This session covered:

  • knowing when a patient is at the end of their life
  • prescribing anticipatory medicines
  • having difficult conversations with patients and families
  • advance care planning

There was lively discussion and participation through the chat box and a follow up ‘podcast’ was recorded to answer specific questions that we were unable to cover during the webinar.


A range of speakers ran this event from SPS and other organisations.

SPS speakers

Dr Barry Jubraj facilitated this session and you can read more about Barry by following the link.

Non-SPS speakers

Melinda Presland

Consultant Pharmacist – Palliative and End of Life Care, Oxford.

Fazila Jumabhoy

Lead PCN Pharmacist, Leeds.


Access the recording of the webinar

Access the follow-up podcast of the webinar

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