Prioritising pharmaceutical care delivery in the acute inpatient setting: a resource for pharmacy managers

· Medicines Use and Safety Team

This document was produced in 2011 to support chief pharmacists and clinical pharmacy managers who are considering how best to deliver inpatient clinical pharmacy services in a changing NHS, taking into account the needs of the organisation, the practitioners providing the service and most importantly the needs of the patient.

It brings together methods and resources which can be used to support individual pharmacists or pharmacy teams to prioritise and deliver pharmaceutical care at ward level in a way which maximises patient outcomes and staff skill mix whilst also meeting the specific needs of the organisation. It is one of three complementary resources produced by the Medicines Use and Safety Division  to help address clinical service redesign. Together the resources can be used to help design cost-effective, evidence based services which aim not only to improve patient care, but also pharmacy staff productivity (QIPP).

In 2016 the original contributors were contacted to confirm if their resources were still in use and current.  It was also updated to reflect some organisational changes.  A further review of the document is being undertaken during 2017 to include the impact of electronic prescribing and administration systems and work on risk stratification/clinical prioritisation/acuity matrixes.

For further information or to offer a contribution please contact Barry Jubraj

In September 2019 a literature search on this subject was completed and is available here.

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