Influenza post exposure prophylaxis and treatment: PHE PGD templates

· Public Health England

PHE have produced patient group direction (PGD) templates to support the supply of:

  • oseltamivir 75mg and 30mg capsules for post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) of influenza
  • zanamivir inhalation powder for PEP of influenza
  • oseltamivir 75mg and 30mg capsules for the treatment of influenza
  • zanamivir inhalation powder for the treatment of influenza

They all apply to adult residents/users and staff of care facilities (with or without nursing).  The oseltamivir PGDs are valid from 26 July 2018 until 26 July 2021 and the zanamivir PGDs are valid from 22 January 2019 until 22 January 2022 (updated January 2019 following SPC amendment).

The PGD templates require further authorisation by a clinical governance or patient safety lead, who has designated responsibility for signing PGDs, so the documents meet legal requirements for a PGD. The PGDs are not legal or valid without this local, formal authorisation.

Adoption and governance of the use of these PGDs is the responsibility of the authorising commissioning body and providers.

Provider organisations and health professionals should check they are working to the current PGD versions and only work to a legally authorised PGD from their commissioning body.

Care homes are NOT permitted in law to authorise PGDs but they may administer non-injectable medicines which have been supplied under a PGD by an NHS body. See Q&A for more information.

Enquiries about the PGDs should be sent to

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