Quality PGDs – 7 steps to success

Jo Jenkins, Specialist Pharmacist (Patient Group Directions), Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Published Last updated See all updates

This guide has developed this step by step guide in consultation with the SPS PGD Service Advisory Board and users of SPS PGD resources.

This is to help organisations and potential authors and signatories of PGDs think about and follow necessary procedures before and during the stages of developing and authorising PGDs.

It is not possible to cover each and every scenario. You are strongly advised to discuss local PGD arrangements with a clinical/medicines governance expert or medicines management/safety lead at the earliest opportunity within your organisation.

The responsibilities of individuals in each step may vary but the aim of this document is to ensure that people do not work in isolation and become familiar with the systems and processes involved at a local level.

This tool is not intended as guidance for people who are practising under PGDs.

Do not refer to each stage in this tool in isolation but plan ahead and be familiar with the different stages in the process. Sometimes we have repeated advice or links because the associated tasks may vary at different stages and this is a cyclical process.



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