Advice on labeling of P medications to be supplied under a Patient Group Direction

Jo Jenkins, Specialist Pharmacist (Patient Group Directions) SPS Medicines Use and Safety Division Source NHS PGD WebsitePublished

For advice on labeling of P medications to be supplied under a PGD please refer to the table below:

Question Advice
Is it necessary to have overlabelled (e.g. TTO) packs of P medicines when supplying under a PGD or is it acceptable to supply the manufacturer’s original packets without additional label? If the dosage instructions on the P pack reflect the dose required to be administered under the PGD, then over-labelling is not required.
Given the above would it be good practice to add an address label from the supplying unit and also to add the patients name and date supplied? The PGD Service Advisory Board have advised that it is good practice to add the patient’s name, date supplied and address of the supplying unit. Staff  need to do this in such a way that they do not obscure the manufacturer’s dosage information on the pack.
What if different brands of a P medication have different dosage instructions printed on them? Practitioners and organisations need to be aware that, in some circumstances, doses on some packs vary. For example, different brands of ibuprofen liquid have been known to have different dosage schedules and there could be circumstances where a service has more than one brand in stock.

Local governance measures may be required to manage any potential risk to ensure that anyone supplied with a P medication under a PGD has the intended dosage instructions. It may be that where this risk is identified, over-labelled stock is purchased to ensure consistency of dosage instructions is assured.