Questions about signatories of PGDs

A PGD should be reserved for those limited situations where this offers advantage for patient care (without compromising patient safety).

Quality PGDs – Seven Steps to Success sets out the questions and actions required for the process of considering a PGD through to using a PGD.

To PGD or not to PGD also sets out a number of questions and actions required to help you decide if a PGD is appropriate.

We have often been asked “who are the signatories of PGDs?” and “what are their responsibilities?”

The following series of Q&As explain who the signatories are, give guidance on key responsibilities of individual signatories and organisations and how these responsibilities could be met.

What local arrangements are needed for authorising PGDs?

Who are the PGD signatories?

What experience and competencies are expected of signatories of PGDs?

What are the responsibilities of signatories of PGDs?

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