Receipt of refrigerated Vaxzevria Vaccine by Trusts

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Instructions for receiving the Vaxzevria Vaccine are provided.


The attached Standard Operating Procedure describes how the Vaxzevria Vaccine should be unpacked and stored.


The attachment is presented in Word to enable adaptation locally, or as reference source to check that existing local procedures are robust and comprehensive.
Within the SOP:

  • GREEN TEXT indicates that detail is awaited, and will be added when available;
  • RED TEXT indicates where detail is to be added locally.


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Change history

  1. Removal of reference to Regulation 174 product and updated throughout to reflect change in name for the licensed product (Vaxzevria).
  1. Resources checked and information remains correct.
  1. Reference to Public Health England or PHE amended to UK Health Security Agency or UKHSA, and references updated.
  1. Resources checked and information remains correct.
  1. Removed ‘agent to be confirmed’ in relation to antiviral disinfectant
  1. Published