Remote consultations: how it works in different settings

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 25 June 2020Location Online

Understanding remote consultations, when they are appropriate and how to be better at conducting them


25 June 2020



About the event

This webinar included presentations about remote consultations from three pharmacists working in different care settings.

Why it’s important

As remote consultations become more common, pharmacists must consider best practice and how they can get the most out of these interactions.

What was covered

Zoe Girdis discussed remote consultation in general practice.

Lloyd Hambridge shared his experience of conducting telephone consultations.

Nina Barnett linked these using the ‘CONSULT’ model which acts as a checklist of key things to consider when planning a remote consultation.


A range of speakers ran this event from SPS and other organisations

SPS speakers

The session was presented by Nina Barnett and facilitated by Dr Barry Jubraj. Read more about our SPS colleagues by following the links

Non-SPS speakers

Zoe Girdis

Lead Pharmacist Prescriber
Homewell, Drayton Surgery, Kirklands Surgery and Consultant to Primary care

Lloyd Hambridge

Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellow
Regional Pharmacist Practitioner Lead NHS 111 for South East Wales


Access the recording of the webinar

Presentation resources

Slides from the presentation are now available below

Further resources


You can read Nina Barnett and Barry Jubraj’s article in the Pharmaceutical Journal on Remote consultations: how pharmacy teams can practise them successfully, including the CONSULT model.

Care home webinar

Reference was made to our recent care homes webinar where Graham Stretch shared a video of his experiences. The recording of the webinar from 1 June and Graham’s video is available (link).

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